Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mystery Shopping

What exactly is mystery shopping? Most companies use mystery shopping as a tool to measure their customer service standards. They hire individuals or mystery shopping/market research companies to shop at their store and rate the customer service experience. As a common rule, mystery shoppers must be keen to details and must know how to keep the "shop" confidential. Most of the times, the client company or the sponsor of the mystery shop would require you to check on certain aspects such as cleanliness, politeness and how the store or shop crew handled your visit.

The mystery shopper then makes a report and compiles it together with receipts as proof of the shop and for reimbursement purposes. After a while, shop fees are paid either thru check, bank deposits or whatever means the mystery shopper and the client/sponsor has agreed upon.

I am currently working part time for a mystery shopping company here in Manila and I also have an ID for an International Mystery Shopping Company.

For those of you interestedto try this out, Please post comments thru his blog or email me at raijemmsniper@yahoo.com.

Important Update: for those interested, you may try the link below and register.



  1. wow this sounds interesting shopping while working = fun! love it

  2. Hi, you may click on this link from John Clements. http://www.johnclements.com/snc.htm


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